Co nowego u Ilony?

Tutaj poruszamy tematy ogólne dotyczące książek o Kate.<br>

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Ludzie, ludzie, wieści dotyczące polskiego wydania! Na razie raczej dość mgliste i ledwo wspomniane w komentarzach, ale jakieś chociaż są. Otóż: nową KATE planują wydać na początku przyszłego roku, w tym natomiast ma wyjść druga część RUBIEŻY!

Tak przy okazji też (choć temat nie ten) wspomnę tylko, że być może już tej jesieni będzie nowa Mercedes, a Alpha&Omega (miejmy nadzieję niedługo) potem.

Na stronie autorów pojawiła się mapka Atlanty po przesunięciu. klik!
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Znalazłam na goodreads bardzo ciekawe pytanie fanki, co do ilości części serii o Kate i odpowiedź Ilony. :)
Hello! Kate Daniels is my favorite series hands down. I know that Kate was recently expanded to 10 books. Would you consider going past 10 if offered? Or do you have a clear end of the series in mind? (I know that's 2 questions, sorry!)

Ilona Andrews Hey Amy,

This is a complicated question. Short answer: I'm not sure.

Long answer: On one hand, Kate pays the bills and I still like writing her adventures. But there is also a very large amount of pressure, both from fans and the publishing house. When you hit 3-4 books in a series, the worldbuilding and characters form a history that you have to continuously reference and fact-check. The publishing house wants each book to hit higher on bestseller lists and to sell more copies. The fans, who followed the series for several books, form a special relationship with its characters and they want more and better and right away. :)

There is no pleasing everyone, unless you follow a very similar plot and emotional arc in every book. I don't want to go stale as a writer and write the same book over and over. Life is too short.

So the honest answer is I don't think we'll go past ten. The only reason we went past seven was because we built Roland up too much for a resolution in a single book and creatively we didn't feel we could wrap it up and do it justice. We've discussed finishing the Kate and Curran storyline and then either doing Kate world with a publishing house or independently. Roman is a good candidate. Grown up Julie also might be fun.

But as much as I would like to make it all about writing, some of it is also about business. If Kate stories continue to sell well, we may end up extending it by a couple of books if it's still fun to write. I can tell you though, that money alone isn't enough. We walked away from the Edge series and it was selling really well. If we are done with the world, we are done.

Sorry I don't have a better, more definitive answer.
Osobiście sądzę, że im więcej Kate, tym lepiej :-P, ale jakiś taki spin-off... też brzmi dobrze!
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Post autor: Sophie »

Autorzy odpowiadają na Goodreads na pytania od czytelników (jednym z nich jest to, które wyżej wstawiła Blair) - z reszty wybrałam co ciekawsze odpowiedzi.

Q: I've always wondered: Do your children read your books?
Ilona Andrews: "I've read this book. It was okay. I was in the bathroom and there was nothing else to read." ~ Kid 2, Magic Slays.

Q: Are you going to write any more "Andrea" books or other full novels from Kate Daniels world?
Ilona Andrews: Probably not for the next 2 years. We would like to get a little headway on the next three Kate books. But there will likely be something with Roman. It might be a series of novellas or perhaps an online serial.

Q: I am wondering if you are intending the Innkeeper Chronicles to provide a Unified Field Theory for all your series. If you walk the streets of Baha-char long enough would you encounter one of The People, a Knight of the Order, A Kinsman? We know George and company (therefore the world of the Edge) are already there, but do Innkeepers reach all the worlds? That would be massively cool. (hide spoiler)]
Ilona Andrews: Dear Drew, it's a multiverse. I wouldn't rule anything out. :D

Q: Hi Ilona! Will you write some short novella or something about Derek?
Ilona Andrews: Not at this time. Maybe in the future. Derek makes a great side character, but I'm not sure he could carry a novel, because he's very introspective.

Q: Hello Ilona! Look, I really love the way you write romance on your books and I find it very difficult to encounter other books with well-written-slow-burn romance. Would you know any to recommend?
Ilona Andrews: Thank you so much for the compliment. I've got one for you, but it is SFR. Rachel Aaron wrote a really good slow burn in her Devi trilogy. I'm reading her fantasy series now and am hoping for a slow burn, but so far there is only adventure.

Q: Will you write more books in the Kinsmen serie? Love all the books you have written, keep up the good work:)
Ilona Andrews: Not at this time, but if you like the world building and romance in that series, you probably would like Burn For Me. :) It's set on Earth and almost reads like a very distant prequel.

Q: Are there going to be any more Curran POVs?
Ilona Andrews: I don't know, honestly. Gordon hasn't been writing as many of those. I am kind of tired of bugging him. He does owe Nicole a Jim POV, so we might have one of those soon.

Q: When can we expect Magic Shifts? :)
Ilona Andrews: Magic Shifts is Kate #8, so I would guess July 2015, since Magic Breaks is July 2014.

Q: Is there going to be more Barabas... Or maybe a Barabas short story?
Ilona Andrews: Hi Sarah, Barabas has a shiny lawyer moment in Magic Breaks that took roughly 7 real life lawyers to orchestrate. We are not planning a short story with him in the near future, but he would be a fun character to explore.

Q: "Alpha: Origins" introduced some interesting characters and a neat little story. Are there any plans to further expand that world?
Ilona Andrews: Dear Bibliophile, No. The original story had a different ending, and we had to change it to match the anthology. Despite this, we both saw many reviews that gave us an indication that people felt the story was still too dark. We've determined that our original vision was probably too out there for our "brand." :)

Q: In the earlier books she seems to feel she'll carry some (physical) scars forever, then with other wounds-like her knee- she seems convinced they'll eventually heal. How does that work- will she always eventually heal from wounds if she lives through getting them?
Ilona Andrews: Kate does heal faster than normal. She also has moments when she displays higher than normal endurance and enhanced strength. She doesn't regenerate as fast as shapeshifters, but she does tend to cling to life, because of the nature of her magic.

Q: My family loves the Kate Daniel series, thank you for writing them. Whatever happened to Anna from Magic Bites? She seemed important to Kate and then she has not made it back into the books. Ty
Ilona Andrews: Dear Mammamia, Anna was one of those characters who was supposed to reoccur through the series but didn't because there was no way to include her into the story without it being artificial. we try to cut anything that doesn't serve the flow of the story or character development, and Anne simply didn't fit.

Q: My question is about the fear Kate had during the last book about her probable babies with Curran going loup. Seeing as she can't be turned into a shapeshifter because of her blood, wouldn't her babies be the same way ? (hide spoiler)]
Ilona Andrews: Hey Giovanna, Kate knows that she herself is immune to loupism, but she never had children before. There is no guarantee that her children with a shapeshifter will not be shapeshifters or will be immune to loupism. There is simply no precedent, or so she believes. Considering how traumatic witnessing the slow descent into loupism was for her, she couldn't help but worry. It is a terrifying possibility to contemplate. :(

W skrócie najważniejsze (ale nie wszystko):
* Będzie coś o Romanie, i to nawet możliwe, że coś dłuższego - kilka opowiadań albo serial on-line, czyli coś takiego jak "Clean Sweep".
* Prawdopodobnie będziemy mieli POV Jima. :-D
* "Magic Shifts", czyli ósma Kate, najpewniej w lipcu 2015.
* "Sweep in Peace" ma być na Gwiazdkę.
* Nie będzie kontynuacji "Alphas: Origin".
* Ilona odpowiedziała też, dlaczego - poza pierwszym tomem - brak w serii Anny, byłej żony Grega. Nie ma jej, ponieważ nie pasowała, a autorzy nie chcieli wprowadzać do historii sztuczności.

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Ryk jako zapowiedź ataku tudzież ostrzeżenia przez drapieżnika, tak, to by pasowało.


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