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Rozważania o Magic Shifts

: 01 lip 2014, 12:47
autor: Oksa
Tak jak w temacie - ósma część Kate będzie nosić tytuł MAGIC SHIFTS, a poniżej krótki jej fragmencik:
[spoiler]Out of the corner of my eye I saw Julie swipe an oiled rag along the edge of her tactical tomahawk. Thirteen inches long, Kestrel tomahawk weighed eighteen ounces. Its wide bearded blade tapered down to a wicked spike that curved downward, sharpened to a narrow point. It was meant as a tool that occasionally could be thrown at rotten logs for fun. Julie decided to make it her weapon of choice. None of my explanations about versatility and lightness of swords made any dent in her.

“I have a gladius in the back,” I told her. It was her favorite among my blades.

“I’m fine with my Kestrel, thank you.”

Curran raised his thick eyebrows. “She told you.”

I sighed. “Why do you drag that thing everywhere?”

Julie hefted the tomahawk. “Because I can make a hole in anything.”[/spoiler]